Friday, February 4, 2011

Crochet is confusing

I can chain stitch all day long, but then you start adding in triple crochet and half double crochet and all those other things? It sounds more like wrestling moves than something you do with yarn. Crochet intrigues me, mainly because it's faster than knitting and only requires one tool. My grandma taught me how to chain stitch when I was a kid, and I played around with it...hooking my chains together in a doily-like fashion. I've never actually successfully crocheted anything other than a small flower or a chain the length of a school bus. And working with an actual pattern? Nope. But in the last few weeks, I started seeing all these cute crochet hearts floating around the Internet, and I really wanted to try it out. I started out by watching this video on YouTube....amazingly helpful!

Then I consulted the only crochet book I own, The Happy Hooker, and the one I'd gotten from the library, and I ended up actually making a few things that somewhat resemble hearts. The thicker yarn worked so much better for me.


They were quick and fun, and I can really see the appeal of crochet. I still don't 'get it', but I think it would be fun to learn more. And fortunately, I was the lucky recipient of my grandma's massive crochet hook stash. So I wouldn't need to buy any more craft gear, because Lord knows that is the last thing I need.

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  1. I'm an avid knitter and have just started to learn to crochet. I also find it ridiculously confusing and yet so intriguing! Good luck!


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